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Welcome to the Traditional Healers Network of South Africa

Spiritual Healing is an integral part of African culture, but not limited to only African people. People from a range of Western societies have adopted spiritual healing practices. Tried and tested over centuries and in many countries, the Traditional Health Practitioners Act of 2007 recognises sangomas as traditional health practitioners and diviners alongside traditional surgeons, herbalists and traditional birth attendants.

Traditionally trained healers offer authentic spiritual healing services within their respective communities. These services remain true to their origins and have not been influenced or tainted by other cultural requirements or practices. Authentic spiritual healers are called and influenced by their ancestors.

Spiritual healers in South Africa are effectively shamans who are usually highly revered and respected in their respective communities. With illness thought to be caused by pollution (where the patient was in contact with impure occurrences and objects), through witchcraft or ancestral neglect, spiritual healers are highly sought after in their communities.

Traditional healers of South Africa practice traditional African medicine. Guided by their ancestors, these spiritual healers fulfill many roles within their communities, ranging from political to social issues that include divination and healing both physical, spiritual and emotional issues. Typical functions include the direction of birth and death rituals; history narration, cosmology, protecting warriors, counteracting witches and finding lost cattle.

Estimations show that there are approximately 200, 000 traditional healers in South Africa, and around 25,000 Western-trained doctors. It is estimated that up to 70% of Africans will visit a sangoma before seeking modern medical care. Approximately 60% of the South African population consult with traditional healers, even when they are also using modern medicine.

With so many people practicing traditional healing, it is sometimes hard to separate the divined from the charlatans. That is why Traditional Healers Network of South Africa wishes to provide you with a directory of professionals on this website. Each category below contains a listing of traditional healers, sangomas, spiritual healers and spell casters.

Within traditional healer services, there are many specialties, ranging from general physical traditional healing to categories including spiritual healing and spell casting and sangomas.

Traditional Healer Services in South Africa

South African traditional healers use a holistic approach that involves African spirituality and indigenous herbalism to heal a vast array of conditions, including asthma, venereal diseases, fever, eczema, gout, psychiatric disorders, cancers and depression. Traditional healers are usually categorised as herbalists or sangomas, depending on their methods.

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Spiritual Healer Services in South Africa

African spiritual healers combine spiritual energies that surround them through focus and connection to their ancestors to heal their patients and to provide guidance and inspiration. Spiritual healers combine their own spiritual gifts with the experience and knowledge of generations of ancestors to bring about spiritual, financial, emotional or physical health.

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Sangomas in South Africa

African sangomas consult with your ancestors to find solutions to spiritual problems that have been plaguing you. From broken relationships, to domestic or financial problems, and fighting evil or witchcraft, a sangoma can find the answers that have been evading you. Sangomas use plant and animal sacrifices to show respect to their ancestors, who are highly respected, in order to help their patients.

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Spell Casting Services in South Africa

African spell casters can help to bring back your true love, or cast a money spell to help solve your financial matters. From black magic to spells for business, health, and protection, you can rely on African spell casters to help you achieve your objectives. They offer a variety of spells to suit every need.

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